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Carp fishing soup

Carp fishing soup

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We put the small fish on the fire, we take the foam, when it boils we take it out of the pot and we put the vegetables, and when they are half cooked we put the carp, we take the foam again, we let it boil we put the broth.

When they are cooked, carefully and carefully remove the carp on a flat plate. We also take out the potatoes in a bowl.

Pass the tomatoes, anchovies, a carrot, a parsley root, tomatoes and peppers with the juice after straining it.

We put it back on the fire, we add salt, I add the vinegar directly to the pot to taste, some people serve the vinegar on a plate when they eat with the garlic sauce. I put the crushed garlic cloves directly in the pot. I like to match the taste of the soup directly.

As a way to serve, we put the juice in the plate, the potatoes, the carrot and the pieces of fish. We also put the parsley on top. Those who still want to add vinegar, salt and juice. It's a delight!

Fishing borscht

In traditional fish soup (fish borscht) only a few vegetables are used: potatoes, onions, peppers (fatty and hot) and tomatoes, vegetables that the fisherman has in the hot season, in autumn and winter using only onions and potatoes.

In addition, larch, salt, oil and vinegar are needed.

But the most important part is the fish, the best soup comes out using several kinds of fish: carp, catfish, pike, perch, crucian carp, bream, slug.

The idea is to use both lean fish and fatty fish that will give the soup flavor. A secret of the fishermen is that they leave the eggs and the blister in the fish, the latter leaving a tasty fat in the soup. There is also a big difference in taste between farmed fish (fed with fodder) and those caught in wild ponds or the Danube. And, of course, the fresher it is, the better.

Then put on the fire the pot & icircn which will prepare the soup (kettle) with water and vegetables, without tomatoes (vegetables should be about a third of the volume of water). There are two ways to use potatoes & icircn soups, cut & icircn four (quarters) or small cubes.

Leave it to boil until the potatoes are almost cooked.

Now it's time to salt the soup, add salt and taste, the juice should be a little saltier because the fish will still draw from the salt.

Put the fish in a cauldron and do not mix, just remove the foam. The fish must also occupy a third of the volume of water.

& Icircn maximum 15-20 min the fish must be boiled and the soup ready. 5 minutes before the end, add the diced tomatoes. When the fish is cooked, add the vinegar. Traditional fish soup is soured only with vinegar. When it is ready, take the kettle off the heat, and throw in a chopped larch mash and cover for 10 minutes.

Traditional fish soup is eaten as follows:

Remove the fish and potatoes from a plate and serve with the garlic sauce. The sauce can be simple or a mixture of soup, salt, pickled peppers and vinegar.


Even if it has been preserved, the fish does not lose its properties. It still contains Omega3, phosphorus and all the other components for which we consume it.

Useful tips: eat more than once a week. If you can, buy fresh fish in favor of the frozen one, and this is not because the frozen one would lose its properties, but because we do not have the guarantee of a correct freezing. Do not give children pangasius or semi-prepared fish. Beware of "fishfingers" - they are semi-prepared generally made of all kinds of fish scraps. Even if children like it, try to avoid them as much as possible.

How to make fish soup

fish it will be cleaned of scales, intestines, wings removed and washed well.

It will be portioned in pieces, as for a portion per person (this will be done with carp, the small fish will be left whole, just cleaned), and from the base of the fish head will be removed (remove) the square bone that gives bitterness in any way prepared.

In a pot, with approx 3 l apa and let it boil, they will put boiled vegetables, cleaned and finely chopped (onion, bell pepper, parsnip root, celery, carrot and tomatoes peeled and given on a large grater), together with oil (to give a better taste and to make those stars in the soup, becoming more handsome) and 1/2 teaspoon salt (about 30 minutes).

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

When the vegetables are half cooked, add them rice washed (to boil for at least 10 minutes).

Pieces of fish prepared in advance together with small fish, will be added to the pot and let it boil together with the vegetables (to get flavors) at least 15-20 minutes.

Near the end, fish soup, will sour with little bag (boiled separately in a kettle) or with juice of 1 lemon.

To taste, can be completed with little bags, how sour the soup will be desired, then if necessary, it can be added salt and pepper.

Larch and green parsley freshly chopped, it will be added to the soup at the end, leaving it to boil for another two, then extinguished the flame from the stove.

Fish soup, can be served hot or cold in individual bowls with fresh bread, decorated with 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream (according to preference) and finely chopped larch.

Traditional recipes with fish from the Danube Delta

Talented chefs competed in October at the culinary art festival "D-ale Gurii Dunarii", which took place in Uzlina, in the Danube Delta. The participants, members of the communities from the Danube Delta, of different occupations, cooked fish dishes with passion and perfect skill. All this effort of the participating communities had a single goal: to win an award that would allow them to help the communities they came from.

With the recipes below and their cooking talent, the team of teachers from Sarichioi won the Ursus Breweries Grand Prize, worth 3,000 euros, money that they proudly take home to their community.

The festival - culinary tradition contest "D'ale Gurii Dunarii" took place for the first time this year in the Danube Delta and was organized by the Save the Danube and Delta Association. The contest was more than a gathering of the most talented chefs in the region was one of the projects through which the organizers wanted to signal that the Danube Delta region must be considered responsible, from all points of view: the environment, the traditions of other problems that the communities established here for centuries face daily.

Lipovan pudding

200g rice
200g thin noodles
400g old
20 eggs
Grated lemon or orange peel

Method of preparation:
Boil the rice and noodles separately, pass them through a stream of water, so that they do not stick, mix and sweeten, then add well-beaten eggs, but not foam. Homogenize and pour into a pan greased with oil and sprinkled with sugar. Bake for about 1 hour at 200 'C.

Fish soup (Sarichioi)

at least 5 varieties of fish (pikeperch, catfish, pike, carp, crucian, bream, babusca, perch)
5-7 medium-sized whole potatoes
3-4 whole onions of medium size
3-4 whole tomatoes
1-2 peppers cut in half
Greenery (celery, leustean)

Method of preparation
Boil the vegetables with the smaller fish, which cannot be eaten. When they are almost ready, remove the fish finely, and put pieces of larger fish. To the first boil, add salt and vinegar to taste. When the fish is ready, remove it together with the whole cooked vegetables, place it on a plate and eat it with mujdei (crushed garlic and rubbed with oil, salt and vinegar in the form of a thick paste - mayonnaise type). After the fish has been eaten, the soup is also eaten, which can be drunk from the cup itself.

Fish brine (Sarichioi)

whole fish (only pike or perch or carp - pieces)
1-2 pieces of hot pepper
2-3 whole tomatoes
2-3 peppers cut in half
Bay leaves

Method of preparation:
Sprinkle the cleaned fish with salt, bake on one side and on the other on the board if possible, if not on the grill (turn carefully, you can catch on the grill). When it is ready to cook, the fish is cleaned of salt, placed in a tray, over which the hot sauce obtained from the water is poured, the vegetables are cooked on plates and they are whole, vinegar and salt (to taste). There is another boil. It is consumed with mujdei (as in soup).

Stuffed pike

a pike, two slices of bagel, an onion, parsley, 2-3 eggs, milk, salt, pepper.

Method of preparation:
Clean the pike of scales, make a circular cut at the base of the head, on the belly, about 5-6 cm through which the mats are removed. Wash the pike well, including the inside, then beat it with the side of the knife blade so that the skin of the meat comes off more easily. Then continue the initial cut, but only cut the skin around the head. Insert your fingers under the pike's skin and roll the skin gently so that it comes off the meat that remains on the bone. We pay attention to the wings that can break the skin, and when the skin rolls to the tail, we cut the bone.

The meat left on the skin comes off with a spoon, the skin is given a little salt and returned. Cut the pike's head and remove the meat from the bones. The pike meat is passed through the mincer, together with the two slices of bagel soaked in milk and squeezed well. The chopped onion is hardened a little to become transparent, after which, together with the greens, they are passed through the mincer. Add eggs over the composition obtained, salt and pepper and mix well by hand until it sticks to the hand.

With this composition, evenly fill the pike skin with a spoon, then sew at the end. Prick the pike with the needle from place to place, grease it with a little oil and put it in the oven for 50-60 minutes together with the head on a low heat so as not to crack. After removing from the oven, cut the part where it was sewn, attach the head and decorate as you imagine with lemon, greens and vegetables. It can be served cold as an appetizer or hot as a main course with natural vegetables. Good appetite!

Pike snails

1 kg of salt, breadcrumbs, 3-4 eggs, salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

Clean the salad, then cut on the belly and remove the mats. After washing well, carefully cut along the spinal cord, obtaining fillets. The fillets are portioned as desired and any bone is removed, then they are given with salt and pepper, they are passed once or twice through breadcrumbs and beaten eggs, after which they are fried in oil. They can be served both hot and cold, with lemon and / or mayonnaise. Good appetite!

Slippery meatballs

1-1.5 kg babusca, 1 potato, 1 onion, salt, pepper

Method of preparation:
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Babusca being a fish with many bones, its meat is given several times through the mincer, so that the bones separate from the meat. The potato is given raw through the machine together with the chopped onion. Add salt and pepper to the composition. Mix very well until the composition binds. Although it is not necessary, you can add a tablespoon of grated flour to bind better. From this composition, with wet hands, make meatballs that are fried in oil. Good appetite!

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10 stories and recipes lost in the Delta. Fish soup, plaice, stuffed pike, fried carp.

"I rediscovered with great joy a space that I thought I knew perfectly, but which has now been revealed to me in a different light. Delta in my friend's stories means much more than fishing, birds and wildlife. It is a intertwining of thoughts, feelings, moments, stop-frames that you carry in your heart all your life ”- Chef Cătălin Scarlătescu

Baba Vadra, nea Blând, Rusalca, Siberth Stohl, Anton Vrancovici, sister Mara, Iuri Gorbov, Dorofei's uncle exist and appear in this book!

The stories of Teodor Hossu-Longin are a balanced mixture of fiction, history, creations of life, unforgettable characters, made just like in a flawless recipe. I rediscovered with great joy a space which I thought I knew perfectly, but which has now been revealed to me in a different light. Delta in my friend's stories means much more than fishing, birds and wildlife. It is an interweaving of thoughts, feelings, moments, stop-frames that you carry in your heart all your life. The superb images and the lyrics of some great poets naturally complete a project, I think, unique. & Rdquo - Chef Cătălin Scarlătescu

The Danube Delta she is the undisputed star of our pride, known as the paradise of birds, plants and fish, and she is not the only gem of Dobrogea. & bdquoVindem & rdquo & icircn the last two decades & ndash tourist speaking, obviously & ndash only & bdquobalta & rdquo, as the locals say, that is & bdquozona wet & rdquo contained & icircntre Tulcea, Chilia Veche, Sulina, Sf & acircntu Gheorghe and Gura Portiței. Most often, we put tourists & bdquope table & rdquo djust a small part of the abundance of the place: some traditional fish recipes (fish soup, plaice, stuffed pike, fried crucian, rubbed caviar, juicer, carp), boating and fishing parties. It's too little!

Dobrogea It means the millennial history of the vestiges of Greek and Roman cities, the sacredness of the Orthodox churches, the traditions of the Lipovans, the Hasholites, the Ukrainians, the Turks, the Tartars, the Greeks, the Jews, the Saxons, the Italians, the Romans, the stories and legends of the living peoples. the incomparable aroma of the dishes lost through the memories of the grandparents. And here comes the album & bdquo10 stories and recipes lost in the Delta & rdquo, to cover this gap of information and forgotten histories of this area.

I fell in love with the beauties of Dobrogea, with the tranquility of the Danube Delta, with the locals, with the peace of mind that I find only here and I decided to put in this project at least a glimpse of everything that charmed me and continues to fascinate me. escape made & icircn this paradise. They are full of life, as I caught them in my many trips here or I learned them from the stories of the locals. Baba Vadra, nea Bl & acircndu, Rusalca, Siberth Stohl, Anton Vrancovici, sister Mara, Iuri Gorbov, uncle Dorofei exist, they are not just characters that you will find in my stories. If you come & icircn Delta, & icirci you will discover at Mila 23, at Jurilovca, at Maliuc, at Dunavăț, at Somova, at Pardina, they have always been here and there will always be memories of a life that we all often dream of & rdquo, he says. Teodor Hossu-Longin, the author.

& rdquoMy stories are also their stories, legends & miraculously intertwined with fractions of reality, fairy tales on the trunk of which time has grafted historical truths. The fantastic is naturally complemented by reality in each chapter, sometimes in a painful way, as in the case of the tragedy of Cat's Elbow, September 10, 1989, of which I realized that far too few Roma & acircni found out. The embroidery of words was naturally complemented by the extraordinary images provided by Valeriu Leonov, a truly special man, who dedicated much of his life to photographing the Dobrogea space, as you will be able to see. & Rdquo

. fish soup, plaice, stuffed pike, fried crucian, rubbed eggs, juicer, carp.

About Teodor Hossu-Longin

Teodor Hossu-Longin (b. 1972, Bucharest) is a writer and television journalist. He published the volume of short prose at the age of 26 & rdquoCrime and other stories & rdquo, being awarded the prize for debut of the Writers' Union of Romania. After a break of 20 years, he returned in 2017 with the novel & rdquoMortua Est & rdquo (which also receives the award of the publishing house & rdquoCartea Rom & acircnească & rdquo & rdquo for prose), and & icircn November 2018 launched a new volume of short prose: & rdquo13, good luck & rdquo (Editura & rdquoParallel 45 & rdquo). He is also the coordinator of the volumes & rdquoThe great people who made Rom & acircnia Mare & rdquo and & rdquoImmortic faith & rdquo; both published by the publishing house & rdquoHyperliteratura & rdquo, signed by his mother, the famous director of the series & rdquoMemorialul Durerii & rdquo, Lucia Hossu-Longin.

Editura & rdquoHyperliteratura & rdquo

& RdquoHyperliteratura & rdquo was born at the end of 2016 and through it we set out to fundamentally change a few things on the Romanian book market: better promotion of Romanian authors, greater financial rights for writers, transparency and respect for authorship. and for readers. Most of our projects have been publicly funded by crowdfunding and so we have published important books such as & rdquoHistory of Romanian ROCK & acircnesc & rdquo or authors like Octavian Soviany, Radu Aldulescu, Stelian Tănasand so on.

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Carp soup

A delicious recipe for carp soup from: fish heads and tails, borscht, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, parsnips, carrots, rice, larch, parsley and salt.


  • fish heads and tails (about 500 g) (carp)
  • 400 ml bag
  • 2 onions
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 2-3 tomatoes
  • 1 parsnip
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tablespoons rice
  • lovage
  • parsley
  • salt

Method of preparation:

Boil finely chopped onions. After a few boils, add the larger chopped vegetables, salt and well-washed rice.

When all the vegetables and rice are almost cooked, add the seasoned fish pieces. Do not forget to remove the triangular from the head of the fish, which is very bitter.

Then add the peeled tomatoes or 200 ml of tomato juice. Add borscht to taste and season with salt. Let it boil for another 15-20 minutes, then sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Carp fish soup - Recipes

Cooking recipes - fish meat dishes

Fish soup "on the pond"

Ingredients: Danube fish, small sea fish, potatoes, onions, celery, parsnips, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes or broth, sea salt, vinegar, fish sauce, green parsley.

Take the onion and boil it in a pot with a little water. Cut the celery, parsley, carrot and bell pepper and then boil them next to the onion, adding two tablespoons of sunflower oil. When they are almost ready, add the tomato broth.
At the same time, take the cauldron in which we want to make the fish soup and put and cook the small sea fish very well. When it is ready, take it out with a sieve or foamer and boil the potatoes. Add the composition from the first pot, fill it with water and then boil the Danube fish.
When the soup is ready, add the finely chopped parsley.

How to serve:
Remove the fish from the pot, being very careful not to break it and place it on the table in a tray as large as possible, so that it can be chosen and taken easily by any diner. Remove the boiled potatoes and place them on the same tray.
Fill the plate halfway with soup, put boiled potatoes, half a tablespoon of table salt, a tablespoon of vinegar and garlic sauce, then add the desired piece of fish. Serve until the fish cools.
At the end, so that the fish has something to note, fill a plate with fish soup, add green parsley and serve hot.
The fish soup can be served in the morning of the next day, a little warm.

Very important!
Danube fish should be as diverse as possible (carp, catfish, flounder, eel, bream, plaice, etc.). Also, the fresher it is (to move it when you put it in the pot), the better the food.
Small marine fish (PMM) can be sprat, ceatal, anchovy or groundnuts, freshly salted. If it is salty, no more salt is added to the food.
Break the green parsley by hand, do not cut it with a knife so as not to lose its flavor.
Boil vegetables and greens in a pot with a little water to reduce cooking time.
The fish soup made on firewood and eaten outside in the fresh air is the best.
Before each plate of soup, serve 50 ml of strength.
Do not put borscht, lemon salt or lemon juice in the fish soup.

PS: Thousands of thanks to my good friend Fadric, from Channel 5, for this recipe that he cooked for me countless times.

Video: Trapping TONS of FISH Stuck In MASSIVE TIDE POOL!! insane (May 2022).


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