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Pumpkin Pie Spice Pie Crust

Pumpkin Pie Spice Pie Crust

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For when you just can’t get enough pumpkin in your pumpkin pie.MORE+LESS-

Updated September 18, 2017

For the pie crust

1 1/4

cups flour, plus more for rolling


teaspoon ground cinnamon


teaspoon ground ginger


to 6 tablespoons ice water

For the filling


teaspoon ground ginger

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  • 1

    Preheat oven to 425° F. To make pie crust, add flour, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, salt and cloves to bowl of a food processor fitted with dough blade. Pulse to combine.

  • 2

    Cut cold butter into cubes and add to food processor. Pulse until mixture has pea-sized clumps of butter throughout.

  • 3

    Pour 4 tablespoons cold water over mixture and pulse until dough begins to come together. Be careful not to overmix at this point. Dump dough onto a clean, floured work surface.

  • 4

    Gather mixture into a ball. Drizzle with more cold water if needed, being careful to add just enough water to make a shaggy dough. Pat into a disc and roll into a 12-inch circle. Transfer dough to a 9-inch pie plate.

  • 5

    To make the filling, whisk together the sugar, cinnamon, salt, ginger and cloves in a small bowl.

  • 6

    In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs and pumpkin. Stir in the sugar spice mixture. Gradually stir in the evaporated milk until fully combined.

  • 7

    Pour filling into prepared pie crust. Bake at 425° F for 15 minutes.

  • 8

    Reduce heat to 375° F and continue baking for 45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool for 2 hours before serving.

Expert Tips

  • Top with whipped cream, if desired!

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More About This Recipe

  • You know when you’re sitting around on Thanksgiving, devouring a pumpkin pie like it ain’t no thang, and all you can think is, “Man, I wish this pumpkin pie was more pumpkin-y.”Happens to me every year.Which is why I’ve started bringing my A-game to the pumpkin pie scene.Making a homemade pie crust can be a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but I promise that you’ve got this. It’s really pretty easy if you just remember to use cold ingredients and not overwork your dough. You can do it! I have faith in you.When it’s done, try not to dive right in. It needs to cool for a couple hours. Top with whipped cream and dig in!

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